About Khanjar Fitness

Our Core Values

Rather than focusing on specific body measurements or body types, we aim to train in such a way that heals and makes us re-think what is health and wellness.

By utilizing the CrossFit methodology, our highly trained coaching staff commit to seeing each individual become strong in all aspects of life.

Just like a khanjar, we want to guide you to all the tools you need to prepare you for life's challenges.

We desire for you to be Khanjar Strong!

Our Founders

  • Ben Baxter


    CEO/Affiliate Owner


  • Jordan Hendricks


    Chief Operations Officer


More Information

  • What makes our box unique?

    • State of the art equipment manufactured in the United States - brands including Rogue, Perform Better, Again Faster, Wright Fitness
    • 200 square meters of open lifting space
    • Tall ceilings for gymnastics rings and 15ft rope climbing
    • Rig by UAE distributor Dimension (provider for the Dubai Fitness Championship)
    • Shower and changing facilities for both men and women
    • 100 square meter community lounge
    • Located in the heart of Mabella!
  • What Makes Our Classes Different?

    • Coaching: Our coaching staff have all been trained in CrossFit Methodology and each have had experience coaching in America and Oman. 
    • Class Sizes and Style: Class sizes are small so coaches can invest in our each member. Classes are offered for mixed groups, ladies only, and yoga.
    • Constantly Varied Programming: Classes look different and can be modified based on ability.
    • Culture and Communication: While most of our staff is currently American, we have a wide variety of experiences and education that has enhanced our awareness of how to respect people with different backgrounds, religions, customs, and cultures. Some of us can even speak a language or two!